The Chocolate Project


  • Squarespace Design and Development
  • eCommerce Integration and Setup
  • Email Integration and Setup
  • Social Media Implementation and Strategic Training
David Mincey, Owner
Our company was in need of a full spectrum of social media tools – website, mailing list, on-line shopping portal, facebook site, etc. etc...we needed them quickly and we needed them to work. Jen Reiher came highly recommended to us and she did not disappoint. She gave us a proposal that was clearly spelled out and a reasonable estimate that proved to be exactly the final bill we paid. She provided us with a number of options along the path to creating our website and her command of the crazy array of social media tools at our disposal was impressive to say the least.
Jen is an excellent listener and she took the time to understand our particular business and what makes it unique. She offered suggestions as they were needed and was not afraid to push us in a particular direction if she believed it was the best option. She provided us with incredibly detailed and informative training in the social media world and we still count her as a go-to resource for any questions we might have. Jen has that rare mix of intelligence, personal warmth and the quiet confidence that comes with actually knowing what you are talking about.

Git Your Own Adventure


  • Infographic diagram explaining how to push data from your local machine to Github.
Personal Side Project
This project came out of recognizing that one of the challenges with learning git-related workflows is that there are often many similar, converging paths to the same end result. This quick-reference guide was created to help with a very common setup step for a new project. Future versions of this project will include multiple different workflow tasks, and an interactive interface to step through the workflow steps.

Wild Mountain


  • Squarespace Design and Development
  • Social Media Strategic Training
Brooke Fader, Owner
Jen Reiher is a joy to collaborate with! My husband and I, a chef and sommelier, are not tech savvy. Jen was able to interpret our needs with a specific and visual representation of ourselves.
She not only created a beautiful and easily useable website, she also helped us curate an online presence through various platforms that felt comfortable and genuine. We continue to collaborate with Jen on various projects, including volunteering for Slow Food Canada and our local chapter.

Tastebud Guides


  • Weebly Design and Development
  • eBook design and content creation
  • Email Integration and Setup
  • iTunes, Amazon and Kindle store setup
  • Social Media promotion
Personal Project
This was one of the most fun projects I have worked on! Using content from my food blog I published two eBooks on Victoria's local food scene.